APB5 – Automatic Profiling Buoy


  • No biofouling on sensors
  • No cable or connectors
  • Real-time data on webpage, accessible from all platforms via http
  • Two-way communication
  • Programmable speed, depth and intermediate stops
  • GPRS & satelite (INMARSAT/Iridium)
  • Profiling depth: standard 75 m, extended 150 m
  • Weather station (Optional)
  • Current speed/direction from ADCP (Optional)
  • FTP, E-mail, SMS, NTP (WIFI Optional)
  • 2-year data storage


The APB5 is designed for monitoring water quality in coastal waters, fjords, lakes and fish farms. The buoy contains a control unit, CU801B, an Embedded Web Server, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE or satellite (IMARSAT/Iridium) router, a winch, a short range radio for communication with sensor unit, solar cells and battery pack. In fish farm application, the buoy is normally powered from an external supply. The control unit can be remotely programmed to desired profiling frequency and depth. In between profiles, the sensor unit rests above the water inside the buoy. This eliminates biofouling on the sensors. Since the sensor unit requires a wireless RS232 in/out feature, the CTD Muti-Parameter SD204 or SD208 is perfect for this use. The data is transmitted to the control unit, and the Embedded Web Server produces a web page accessible on the internet at the address: station.saivas.net ("station" to be given by the user). The user will provide a SIM-card, and when the buoy is powered up, the APB5 will configure itself. Besides programming and data collection, utility data are also available, e.g. diagnostic info for the buoy and sensor unit.

Link to buoy in operation (graphs, videos, article, software and data sheets)

An expert system using data from APB5 for fish welfare in aquaculture has been developed by The Institute of Marine Research (IRM).


Embedded Web Server

GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 900-1800 MHz, or satellite router (IRIDIUM)

Winch control unit and motor

24 Volt battery pack

Solar Cells: 160 Watt

Unique address: station.saivas.net

Configurable via Webpage

Programmable Profiling interval, depth etc.

Profiling Depth Range: Standard 75 m /Extended 150m

868 MHz Radio controllers for instrument communication

Transparent communication to all devices in the buoy and sensor unit for diagnostic purpose etc.

User to provide SIM card with public IP. If public IP is a problem from local provider, SAIV can provide a sim card with a fix yearly fee.

Data presented instantaneously on Internet

Mooring points: 4 shackle points at lower buoy section

Anchoring: 3-4 ancors (depending on conditions)

Weight of complete buoy in air 200 kg.

Download datasheet as PDF