SAIV Bulkhead connectors and mating cable plugs

SAIV develops and manufactures high pressure underwater connectors and cables for
deepwater Instruments, Sensors, ROV`s and AUV`s.



  • Range 6000 Meters
  • 3000 Volts
  • 4K video signal(coax)
  • Size Gr3, Gr4 and Gr5
  • Varied number of pin selections.
  • Scotchcast 3M
  • Polyurethane
  • Titanium
  • Handmade
  • Silver plated wires
  • Gold plated pins
  • High current
  • Lemo insert
  • Bulkhead for oil filled chamber

GR5 - HP - Cabel - SAIV

Gr5 cable with titanium connectors

SAIV bulkhead coax

SAIV bulkhead coax 



About the connectors:

The deepwater connectors and cables are build for salt and fresh water.

All underwater connectors and cables are tested manually with high voltage insulation tester.

The underwater bulkhead connectors can withstand pressure down to 600 Bar (6000 meter).  Testing performed to 7500 meters.

The deepwater connectors and cables are used for a.o. 4K video(coax), Ethernet, High voltage and current, communication between motors/thrusters, power, and control chambers for under water operation units, such as remote operated vehicles (ROV).

SAIV AS does not manufacture the cables, but make use of a range of special custom made cables with various configuration of inner wires.

Argus Remote Systems, who is a manufacturer of ROV`s, perform all testing of connectors and cables, and is the reseller and distributor of SAIV connectors and cables.

Distributor of SAIV cables and bulkhead connectors : Argus Remote Systems